About Us

We are a family team with over 30 years of experience building homes.

Our goal is to get you the most home for your money, and to make sure you get the quality built home you want!

We have an engineering background to make sure the structural aspects of our projects are superior quality, exceeding minimum building code standards.

We are small enough to establish personal relationships with our customers and provide close supervision on each project.

What We Offer

We do all home improvement projects - big and small.

We would love to build your dream home or help you renovate you current home.

It is a very exciting time to be in the home construction industry. Yes the construction has taken a hit over the last few years but we are seeing a bright future. Homeowners are full of ideas and ready to improve their home more now than ever before. This is your home make it the best it can be! How can we help?

Our Philosophy: Every Project Counts

On the job supervision from your builder

Mark is on the job site daily to over see each phase of the building proces and ensure everything is done up to R. Morgan Homes standards.

Direct and open communication

We are always just a phone call away. Communication is the key to ensure we understand the needs of our customers and complete the job to exceed those expectations.

Free plan consultation and design

Selecting R. Morgan Homes to build your home will give you unique design opportunities. We have the design experience and cutting edge software to custom design plans for our customers. If you can envision it…we can create it!
Typically the cost of hiring an architect to design custom plans would cost several thousand dollars. Once you decide to use R. Morgan Homes as your builder this service is offered at no cost. Additionally, choosing to work with R. Morgan Homes for your new construction and home improvement projects will give you another COST EFFECTIVE and CUSTOMIZED benefit. We are NC Engineer Licensed, which allows us to accomplish items other building companies could not. Hire an outside structural engineer firm can be costly but you get this knowledge and at no additional charge.